Secret messages you’ll never know

About this tattoo

I’ve always knew I wanted a big tattoo one day and not different images on all kinds of places. So I once asked my best friend what kind of tattoo would be typical me. Then she answered ‘A naked woman’. So I thought about my design for three years. I wanted it big, a naked woman with wings, on my back and I want it to mean something. So after I figured I wanted the naked woman for my love for woman and for my open mind. The wings for freedom and protection. I thought of symbols for my family. I you look closely you’ll see a necklace around her neck hanging with the letter ‘S’. That’s first letter of my stepmom Sandra. There’s a heart with mama tattooed on her hip. The thai buddha head on her hip symbolizes my nationality and my Dad. A free spirit and a world traveller. The hammer in her hand symbolizes my stepfather who lives for the law. Than I linked this tattoo to the tattoo on my hip. There stands the letters M&M the first letters of my sisters name. So after three years of thought I finally have my tattoo.

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