About this tattoo

I got this tattoo after I experienced an extremely tough year; my parents got separated on my High School graduation day, I got extremely high anxiety after going away for college and having money problems, my boyfriend broke up with me, and my sister got shot. Basically it was everything wrapped into one with this tattoo. I knew I wanted to get another one (I have a diamond on my left hip), I just did not know when or what and when my boyfriend broke up with me it was just the icing on the cake and I just thought to myself ‘I have got to get a tattoo’. I found a tree design I really liked and found a quote by Dolly Parton that said ‘storms make trees grow stronger roots’ and I thought that was perfect for what I wanted. Every time I look at this tattoo I think about how much I have overcome in the past, not in just the past year when I decided to get it and it makes me believe that I am a strong person and nothing can bring me down.

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