Solar System

About this tattoo

This sleeve was my first big tattoo, and I had always pictured myself as having a lot of tattoos as an adult, even when I was very little. I always found them to be fascinating and beautiful on other women (as well as the ultimate feminist statement). I went to college in a small costal town north of Boston; Salem to be precise, and there was a large tattoo culture but a lot of the tattooing that went on was traditional style. I knew I wanted something a lot different, but I was not sure what. I minored in philosophy and when I was 19 I was very interested in Existentialism. I decided if we are not sure of whether or not we exist, or if anything really even matters then we should not worry so immensely about our seemingly insignificant problems. I chose to tattoo the solar system on my arm as a way to keep myself grounded. It is a reminder than in the larger scope, my neurotic worries or fears about the future should not trouble me so. It is important to be humble and remember we are all just a small part of something much bigger and more significant than ourselves. On the inside of my bicep the word ‘dreamer’ is tattooed in script, which is an reminder to never forget my potential. This tattoo is extremely important to me and helps define who I am. I work in a professional field and people I work with are genuinely shocked when I inform them that I have two sleeves. I think it is important for us to redefine the culture around how individuals with art on their bodies are treated and regarded by others. I am smart, driven, I am INKED.

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