Sugar skull, Phoenix, Quote

About this tattoo

The quote i have on my inner arm says if nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life. I’m a hopeless romantic and pray that one day I am able to see love up close, nothing is better than love, at least I can’t think of anything. My second tattoo is my version of a phoenix. i actually want to add to it. But i feel like a phoenix represents every struggle that i have gone thru in life. no matter what i have always risen from the ashes and gotten right back up I had my artist put her in human/woman form because whats stronger that a woman? and my sugar skull i always wanted to get a skull, but i wanted something softer and more girly and when i looked at the meaning behind the sugar skull (for the mexican day of the dead) its more like a celebration of life rather than mourn over someone you have lost.

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