Traditional Clipper Ship by Judd Broome

About this tattoo

Judd Broome from Ink Spot Tattoo in Venice, FL did this piece. He did an amazing job on it and I was able to watch the whole creative process put to paper and then ofcourse my body. He is an incredible artist and has previously won #1 awards for traditional style tattoos. I trust him as my artist and wanted to get a piece that he could really be in his element doing. My grandmother passed away 9 years ago from cancer and I started this piece to add on to in memory of her. She loved flowers, birds, and the water and I will eventually be adding a swallow on the top right carrying a banner saying, “I’ll always be right there” because that is the shoulder she pointed to and stated that while she was on her death bed. I let Judd run wild with some ideas…he mentioned the clipper ship and I was “on board” ūüôā I can’t wait to add to it and now I have a great base for an awesome sleeve!

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