Tree of Life

About this tattoo

My mother got me my first tattoo when I was 17, and I was there for her first tattoo when I was 19. Everytime I get a new one she likes to scoff, but I know she secretly likes them. When she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 24, I had some lettering done on my arm for her. (Thankfully she has been cancer free for the past 8yrs after chemo and radiation) After she gave me a charm on Christmas 2011 of the Tree of Life, I decided there was no better way to keep her with me than to expand on the kanji lettering on my left arm of ” mother & daughter”. So it became a half sleeve of an interpretation of a cherry blossom tree with the lettering incoorporated. I never take her charm off from around my neck, and now my own tribute to her will be imprinted on my skin for life.

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