Tribal Wolf Portrait

About this tattoo

when i was younger I had these crazy dreams, felt like real life and id always wake up from them panting and sweating. In the dreams i would be being chased endlessly through a forest by wolves during the night time. No matter how fast or far i ran the wolves would always be right behind me. Eventually they would corner me in a cave or on a cliff and surround me. Just as the wolves were lunging at me to kill me i was always able to realize i was dreaming and convince myself to wake up.

After a while i kind of forgot about these dreams, a few years went by and i was talking with a friend. He told me he started keeping a dream diary because there is a lot of deeper meaning in your dreams then just what you remember from them. This made me think of the dream with the wolves chasing me and i felt like it had some meaning because of how realistic it seemed and that it kept repeating for some time. Eventually thinking about it i realized it means that i should never give up (always kept running) and always believe in myself (woke myself up before they killed me).

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