triple h, WWE, superstar

triple h,  WWE, superstar

About this tattoo

its a portrait of my all time favorite wwe superstar and he is my Inspiration in life
triple h and here is the letter i sent to him
I am Gabriel Pelletier and I am one if not the biggest fan of yours when it comes to Boston wwe events and i been a dei hard fan of the wwe since i was 6 now 45 even bigger fan
The reason for my writing you is you are my Inspiration in life and i cant thank you enough for all you have done for the fans and for the wwe.
like you have onion skin thin tapes of Ric Flair I have DVD’s of you that i watched over and over many times. and i agree with you back in the day it was hard to know how to get in to wrestling but if i did know how back then i would of gone for it .
I to can remember siting with my dad and watching wrestling and dreamed of doing what they did and wanted to become champion back then,
i tell my friends if you ever told me i could work for you back stage and travel with you id drop every thing and work for you with in the united states all i would need is the truck of my dreams and hotels paid, food and traveling paid for with 500 bucks a week and id go with out a doubt in my mind that is what i tell them, what a dream ha
i am sending you my two photos of my triple h tattoos and one of my leather jacket and jean vest just like you used to wear in the ring
You must know i have epilepsy and i was born with a Dislocated right hip that was fixed wrong and now today you can tell any thing is wrong until it acts up but like you when you torn your quad when you were going to kick Y2J in the back and it gave out on you as you were red lining for working so much you never gave up and it it took you 8 Months to get back in the ring and did in New York and that day when you came back i got cold chills and goosebumb and even till this day when you come out to the ring i get those same goosebumbs and if i am at an event in Boston and i stand frozen with my Heavy Weight belt held high until you leave the ring
you will be and always will be my Inspiration in life for working so hard and coming from nothing to a big part of the wwe :::
I look up to you in ever thing i do and i must say the king of kings triple h the cerebral assassin tattoo i have Natalya hart loved it when she saw it in Boston Mass
So Paul how does a fan of my CALIBER get to meet a man like you when you come to Boston Mass TD BANK GARDEN ? i stand ever time waiting for you to come in the building and i stand with the group i formed called ” THE WWE’S BOSTON BEST POSSE” waiting to meet you or at lest see you come in the building and i been told by some of the fans there that i must be if not one of your biggest fans my email is [email protected] and i love every thing you have done for us fans and for the superstars in the wwe with the new wwe training center you came up with
so i am asking on march 25,2014 in Boston when you get there i would love to meet you for the first time and i am sure i will pass out if it comes true that i do meet you or fall to my knees in shock
so Paul Micheal Levesque i would love to meet you more then any thing i ever lived for in my whole life and hope you do get this letter very soon and i am not at that fence where you enter the building just ask for the biggest triple h fan with two of triple h tattoo’s and someone will get me in seconds they all know me and how much of a die hard fan i am and i hope to get at lest and email back from you on this letter thanks for taking the time to read this
i will be there at TD Bank Garden no later then 9 am and i am sitting
in sec 21 row 3 seat 8 to let you know and i wish i had a triple h ball cap with your logo on it that would be great to go with my leather jacket and vest
he is one man id love to meet big time in the wwe and in life it self i look up to him in every thing i do