Wedding tattoo

About this tattoo

I just recently got married and was looking through my wedding pictures and this one stood out. I remember my mom always said if I was getting tattoos don’t get any tattoos you can see in a wedding dress. I didn’t know when that was gonna happen so of course I started my back anyway. This tattoo was a gift to myself in early sobriety. I had wanted it years prior before my life turned chaotic and drove me to a downward spiral. When I finally got sober and had a steady job it was the first thing I wanted to do. It took about 3 years to finish and I am absolutely in love with it. It represents the beginning of the rest of my life. And there it is in one of the happiest days of my life. It stands out, yet it is still so beautiful and delicate in that white dress. Just had to share. If you’re wondering what the tattoo is actually of its a dia de los muertos Virgin Mary bordered by roses.

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