Technology Review: I-Mego THRONE Gold Headphones


With incredible sound comes great responsibility. Pretty good over the ear headphones from the good people at I-Mego. And at an even better prince, $139.99, a big difference from their competitors Beats by Dre. I think that people would be impressed by the quality of these headphones. Definitely not as much bass as said Beats by Dre but still some good sound. Not very lossy I would say, as I again tested them out with Sir Frank Ocean. 

The idea of the leather on top and stiching is very cool, but I must say that they are not easy on the eyes. I understand the concept of them looking like an old fashion microphone that say lil’ Michael Jackson, but it just does not look nice. At least in my humble fashionista opinion, aka the only one that matters on this blog! Maybe if they made them in silver I would be more accepting.

I give these an B, because they aren’t Beats and they are bad. Sorry guys, I am a Beats enthusiast, but I did give these a listen with no biased. (can you say alliteration?) But if you are short on cash, and want a pair of rocking’ headphones, these could be the ones. Check out the website and the picture below.


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