Technology Review: Optrix HD Rugged for iPhone

If you are into extreme sports or just as they say, “f*$king sh** up,” this is action sports camera and phone case for you. Although at first it can be a little challenging to assemble, the instruction manual is more than helpful. Once you figure out how to strap your iPhone in, you must download the app Optrix Videosport which will then let your videos come out even cooler.

With the 175 degree wide angle lens attached to your phone, you get nothing but awesome visuals to capture the coolest moments. I got to try out this snazzy camera, not on my BMX bike of course, but attached to my head as I wandered about the office pretending to do wheelies, kick flips and such. The app allows you to choose and frame rate, and if you go pro, you can see your G-Force, Lap Time, Speed and Track-map. It’s

The videos on the website were even more impressive, by showing the phone getting dropped from a 5 story building and rolled over by a truck while still being able to function and record it all. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think! Will you be purchasing this crazy gadget?

Check the website for more information.

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