Technology Review: Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Kick Ass Speakers

Now, as you may or may not be able to tell but you probably should if you are a functioning adult, that I am a fan of these speakers. I tried them, enjoyed them, fell in love with them, grew apart because I started to use my beats, then came back to them. None of that actually happen, but they are seriously great guys. 

First lets talk about the speakers aesthetically. A little wonky cause they are tilted, it’s also kind of cool and swaggy. They aren’t your average just straight up speakers and that’s cool. On the sides of the speakers are like a gritty, fence kind of texture which just adds to it. Everything is supremely symmetrical and cool. 

If you have read any of my previous technology reviews, you would know that I have a little trouble connecting anything and everything. But once a co-worker helped me by going into system preferences and changing my output to the PAAD cubik, it was on an poplin’. The first song I played was a little bit of that Frank Ocean Channel Orange Sweet Life, to see how lossy the speakers were. And let me say, there was none. These bad boys are lossless, just like they advertise. I heard every peak, pivot, dip and octave in that sweet man’s voice.  How many computer speakers can say that?

The next song I played was Hard In the Paint by the one and only Waka Flocka Flame to test out the bass. Now if you are not familiar with the wak-master, he is HEAVY on the bass, and it sounded awesome coming out of these speakers. I wanted to just get up and throw a house party. 

Afterwards I played some Keith Sweat, a little bit of R&B action and brought it back old school with Jump Around by House of Pain. These speakers are really some of the best small speakers I have heard, they pack a serious punch people. 

For a little, and by little I mean 5 cents, under 200 dollars (199.95)- I would say that these are worth it. You are really paying for quality crystal-clear sound. Of course they aren’t as cool as the Beats Boombox, but you also aren’t spending half a grand. For computer speakers, they are really great. A+ my friends, a tattooed gold medal for you Palo Alto! Check them out here.

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