Technology Review: Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4

There are already a few iPhone cases out there that have slots to store credit cards, so I had to ask myself, what makes this one different? The most obviously difference is that it’s made out of leather. Personally, I really like leather phone cases, because they are durable and stylish. I feel like swag daddy mac, or Angeline Jolie (because you know she has all leather errythang… the most humanitarian leather though). Or even Kanye West, cause he lives, breathes, and eats leather… seriously. But I digress, now obviously it’s not real leather or it wouldn’t be only 39.99 but it’s some variation that still makes my fingers smile.

Now onto the main purpose of this case, the card holders. The idea is great, especially for women. Minimize what you have to carry, so instead of bringing a purse with your wallet, makeup, etc. you can just bring this baby and stick your lipstick in you pockets. It’s also great for men, but they don’t carry anything anyway so forget them. 

If you go on the website, it says that it comfortably fits 3 cards. Well that is correct, because I tried to put 5 in there and it was a no-go. So that’s awesome. I love when technology does exactly what it says. 

Being the girly girl that I am, I love the pink. But the black is really sleek, the white looks a little on the cheaper side and the teal is cool too. The only downside to this case that I really see is that if you lose your phone or someone takes it, they now have your id, credit card etc. So that’s a little frightening, but if you are responsible like I am not, then you probably don’t have to worry about it. I believe that over time the pocket will stretch, to hold your cards perfect. I give this an A-, it does what it says with a little finesse. We all need some swag in our lives. Practical swag is even better.

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