Technology Review: The Hybrid Series USB Case for iPhone 4/4s

Ego & Company have created a product, that most would say would is common sense, but they have perfected it and even made it with cool colors.  The Hybrid Series USB Case is simple, but awesome. I know that I have a problem of always losing my USB’s and/or damaging them and losing the tops to them, so this is like my savior. And don’t lie, I am sure most of you guys are in the same boat with me!

Not only is this baby scratch resistant and shatter proof, (but not waterproof), this hard case allows you to use everything on the phone that any other case would, except it has a flash drive! Coming in sizes of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, it’s perfect for people who either don’t have enough space on their phone or just want more. 

The USB just slides in for super convenient use and is avaliable in seven colors. We give this product an A, cause it actually is awesome. Aren’t you glad you traded in that lame BlackBerry?

What do you think about it? Is it handy or unnecessary?

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