Technology Review: Urbanears Zinkin Headphones

Okay guys, this will be my last product review. But let me just say, it will be great.

These headphones are freaking awesome. In the pamphlet that comes with the headphone box, they advertise that they are the most comfortable headphones out on the market. And let me just say, that there is no fallacy in this statement. It is literally like resting your ears on pillows that are pouring out Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album. It’s astounding. Because I must say, maybe there is something wrong with my head, but my Beats do pinch my widdle ears after a long time of usage. I wore these bad boys for like two hours and felt nothing but pleasure.

Now onto the sound, it’s averagely good I would say. Not extremely loud, and not super basey. So I would say that your pleasure in these headphones would lie in your preference in music listening. If you like the feeling of your ear drums on the verge of bustin’ open rendering you deaf, then these are not for you. The sound of these headphones is great for someone in their 30’s, or people that like to listen to The Shins everyday. Personally, I love the Shin’s, and these are perfect for their type of music. But once again, I digress. Sound and volume is good, not great. But you then just have to remember how great they feel.

Something that is really cool, and confusing for my co worker Sami, but not for a cool kid like me is the dual-duty TurnCable and  ZoundPlug. With these do-hickeys, your able to change which side of the plug you use for what machine you are getting your music from without an adapter. I haven’t seen this before and it is intriguing.  So one side is used for iPhones, iPods, etc. and the other is used for amps and boards. They are interchangeable and rad.

Overall, I really like these guys. Not to mention they come in colors that remind me of sherbet. They have a great look, great concept, good sound and they feel spectacular. And the low price doesn’t hurt that much either.

Check out the store and tell me what you think? Do you disagree? Probably not, cause I’m awesome.

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