Temporary Tattoos Get a Makeover from Tattly


If you still think of temporary tattoos as those party favors at your 5-year-old nephew’s space-themed birthday, think again. Since stick-on tattoos hit runways at Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier a few years ago, designers and artists have been casting a more sophisticated light on removable ink.

At the forefront of this transition is Tattly, a new company that sells temporary tattoos. The company was borne out of founder Tina Roth Elsenberg’s boredom with the usual fake tribal tattoos and glittery dolphins. Tattly now offers more than 250 designs, including vintage pastel-colored cameras, peacock heads, $100 bills, pinups, sailor tattoos, skulls, and words like “hug” and “hustle.” 

Sure, the fake tats are still perfect for a kid’s party (albeit a super trendy kid’s party), but the grown-up uses are many. Always wondered what a balloon would look like tattooed on your face? Try one on for size! Want to plot out the next constellation of butterflies on your back? Go crazy! If they’re a disaster, just add soap and water. Then ponder why in the hell you wanted to add more butterflies to your back in the first place. 

Check out Tattly’s designs here.


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