Thanksgiving Tattoos

This Thursday is Thanksgiving. Many people will celebrate the holiday by eating mass amounts of turkey, watching football and trying to avoid political discussions with their drunk uncle. We decided to celebrate the holiday by creating a list of tattoos featuring everything needed to have a good thanksgiving.

An American Traditional style tattoo of a Native American.


The pilgrims came to the New World looking for adventure and a new home.


These tattoos show how the two world’s would eventually collide.


Many of the pilgrims were unprepared for the environment in America and were close to ending up like this tattoo by Zac Scheinbaum.


If your family gets to be too much to handle this holiday take a sip out of this Smooth Sailing Flask by Trixie and Milo.



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Luckily for the pilgrims the Native Americans had a good harvest and were willing to share.


And thus Thanksgiving was born. Today we celebrate by feasting on this delicious bird.


There is always at least one or two fights over the two drumsticks.


While we prefer mashed potatoes this tattoo looks good enough to eat.


When you have this Green Critter Forest Apron by Hemet you’ll want to cook Thanksgiving dinner every day.



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Whenever you are stumped on how to make something in the kitchen just remember What Would Julia Child Do?


Having the right tools for the job always helps.


Thanksgiving is the one day you break out the fine silverware.


The picture on this Men’s Chicken of the Sea Tee by Black Market Art looks strangely appetizing.



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As the tryptophan starts to hit a nice slice of cherry pie will surely give you a second wind.


Of course, you could just keep sipping wine and fall asleep on the couch.


And once Thanksgiving has ended you still have two weeks of turkey sandwiches ahead of you.


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