The 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar Cover Girl is…

This year’s search for the next calendar girl for the 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar with Inked Magazine brought in hundreds of entries from all over the states making for a damn hard selection process. After taking a month to pour over all the beauties who entered our judges somehow managed to pick a winner. We are pleased to present the winner of the 2012 Inked Magazine Sailor Jerry Calendar Girl search, Levy! Read a little bit more about her below:

Occupation: Mortician

On what part of your body did you get your first tattoo? Tramp stamp!!!

Tell us about your first tattoo? The day I turned 18, I jumped out of bed and drove to the nearest tattoo shop I could find. I’m in the process of getting it removed. Lesson learned!

Where is your favorite tattoo? Right side of my ribs

Tell us about your favorite tattoo? It’s a zombie piece I got at Humble Beginnings in San Jose by Blake Brand. It runs along my whole side. It’s got brain munchers!

What would be the ideal setting of your shoot? A bathtub full of cheeseballs and a snorkel
What tattoos do you like most on a man? The non raunchy ones

How often do you drink Sailor Jerry Rum? 60% of the time, I drink it every time I go out to the bar.

What is your favorite Sailor Jerry Rum drink? On the rocks

Over the next six weeks we’ll be sharing video from the casting calls, interviews with the other calendar girls and sneak peeks at the final 2012 calendar – due to hit shelves in Mid November with the December edition of Inked Magazine. So be sure to keep checking back.

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