The Amazing Spiderman

From the hard-core comic book fan to the casual Tony Hawk gamer, video game developers Beenox and Activision have released something that is sure to excite all gamers. The Amazing Spiderman captures the web-swinging action seen in the comics and movies, which will surely make you dizzy with excitement as you swing through the free roaming landscape of Manhattan, just barely missing the ground as Spiderman fights crime, stops villains and saves the day.

Along with the web-swinging feature comes a new camera view Beenox calls “Web Brush.” Web Brush, as they showed during a demonstration of the game, is a POV angle where you can control where and how Spiderman navigates the terrain in a “parkour” manner; jumping from rooftops, dancing across speeding buses and spinning around on flags. At any point during the game the player can break into “web brush” mode and change Spiderman’s next move, giving complete freedom to how the game is played.

Despite the excitement around the new mobility of Spiderman, people at the unveiling did seem to have one problem with the design thus far, his new Spidey-suit. They asked questions like “will there be alternative downloadable suit?” and “does the suit represent health level?” The overall response? “you just have to find out…”

Aside from Spidey’s spandex wardrobe change, gamers seemed pretty pleased with the two villains announced: the old-school villain, Iguana, and a newer villain, Rhino. Iguana, like he did in the past, has no human characteristics and looks like a dinosaur that can talk, while Rhino is a solid mutated mix between a human and rhinoceros born out of bio-experiments.

With an estimated 30-hours of game play, the newest addition to the Spiderman gaming saga will be available on almost every console: Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC, Wii, 3DS, and the DS. It also offers up multiple side missions, from crime fighting to taking photos with Peter Parker’s, ahem I mean Spiderman’s, camera, which goes along with the story line. Look forward to getting your hands, or webs, on the newest addition to the Spiderman gaming saga June 26th, 2012.


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