The Man Currently Holding The Tattoo Record Calls It Quits

Covered in 305 country flags, 185 maps, 165 miniature flags and 2,985 characters, Guinness Rishi holds the current Guinness World Record for most tattoos. After enduring years of her husbands obsession with world records Bimla, Guinness’ wife, has convinced him that no one will break his world record. Not to mention she also threatened to leave him if he continued to be tattooed.

Having been so obsessed with Guinness records the 70-year-old from Delhi had his name changed from Har Prakash to Guinness Rishi. Guinness holds a whopping 22 records including the longest will in the world, delivering a pizza from New Deli to San Francisco and the most obvious, the highest number of tattoos.

Guinness’ days of getting ink may bot be over as he has expressed finding it hard to resist going after the record for most tattoo artist working on him at the same time.



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