The Shakers to rock The Roxy


Think about how epic it would be if The Black Keys meshed musically with The Supremes, and you have the sound of the eclectic band known as The Shakers. Hailing from Los Angeles with a charming, charismatic lead singer, Jodie Schell, who resembles the eccentricity of Zooey Deschanel, this rock-and-roll group is sure to please a packed crowd this Thursday, February 21 at The Roxy in West Hollywood.

The self-sufficient band goes by the phrase, “If it doesn’t fit in our Honda Element, then we don’t play it.” The foursome literally gets around from show to show—drums and all— in their Element, which shows their independence. The Shakers have actually self-managed ever since the birth of the band. They continue to hold the reigns in their own hands with the help of a few friends such as producer Sean Curiel with whom they worked on their first full-length record, Loud, at NRG Studios.

Having started as a music project in 2009, guitarist Chris Lee moved to LA from Philadelphia with hope that SoCal would provide inspiration to move forward musically, and that it did. Combining talents with Jodie as well as their incredibly talented drummer Nick Woods and new bassist Kyle Kozlowski, the cross of soul and grit-rock came to life in the form of The Shakers’ unique, infectiously catchy beats. Combine that with a few members’ arms craftily covered with eye-catching ink, and you have yourself a great rock-and-roll band from LA.

Fans can prepare themselves for a full-length album to come this spring. The Shakers have previously opened for big names in rock music such as Everclear, Our Lady Peace, The Motels, and Semi Precious Weapons.

“Rock and roll is a lifestyle, and the day we can quit our days jobs and live every day like this will be the most important day of our lives. My heart might explode on that day,” said singer Jodie Schell.  


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