The Sound of Charity: SOL REPUBLIC’s Anthem Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

Feeling charitable this holiday season? Options abound for more meaningful holiday gifts, so we singled out one of our favorites: SOL REPUBLIC’s Anthem Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones. This gear not only delivers crisp sound and style, but it also benefits the Michael Phelps Foundation, as a portion of proceeds go toward the athlete’s grant organization for young swimmers. 

If you’re particular with the technical, rest assured that the Tracks are equipped with all the signature SOL REPUBLIC features: powerful bass thanks to V10 Sound Engines, interchangeable headphones, a 3-button microphone/music control, and extra wide ear cushions (the cushions are also SUPER soft, like teddy bears for your ears). 

The sleek design, a patriotic blend of red and blue lines stamped on a pearly white background, serves as a reminder of Phelps’ cause. The Foundation aims to make physical activity an accessible outlet to kids all over the country, regardless of financial restraints. Given how many studies link athletic participation to higher academic performance and self-esteem among children of all ages, we think Phelps’ message is worth a listen.

Preferably with really cool headphones. 

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