Tooth Tattoos That Can Tell You When You Are Getting Sick

With all the buzz around the future of vibrating tattoos and tattoos that will change color when your blood sugar is low, it isn’t too surprising that they are coming out with tattoos that will tell you when you are getting sick. reported on a new type of sensor that is “tattooed” onto your teeth and will be able to tell when you are ill, as well as what may be ailing you. The graphene, which is a layer of carbon that is one atom thick, detects the type of bacteria as quickly as possible in very small concentrations so that the wearer can quickly be diagnosed for bacterial infections.

“McAlpine and his team are planning to license and commercialize the graphene sensors. There’s still work ahead though–in their present form, the sensors are too big to be practical. Next up, the group is working on shrinking the sensors to actually fit on a human tooth.”

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