“Tots with Tats” and “Project 30: The Hand Picked 10” at Sacred Gallery Soho, NYC

On July 7th, Sacred Gallery in Soho, NYC is giving the people a double whammy, featuring two separate exhibits, both enthralling in their own ways, for a little less than a month. Showcasing “Tots with Tats,” a collection by Martina Secondo Russo, and “Project 30: The Hand Picked 10,” a collection by Angie Mason.

“Tots with Tats,” is a series of life sized tattooed babies that are cut out of plywood, painted with acrylic and the tattoos are drawn on with enamel markers. She includes a magnitude of different styles in her tattoos; some are just her own massively creative drawings. The collection together tells a story and creates “a new kind of visual dialogue,” wrote Sacred Gallery.

“Project 30: The Hand picked 10,” is a little different because it includes the use of interactive art and social networks. The artist Angie Mason created 30 different works and let her fans pick which 10 should be in the exhibit by liking and commenting. The exhibit lies in-between the lines of binaries, focusing on the real truths of human beings like happy vs. sad and life vs. death. She paints creative characters with immense personality.

The exhibits open on July 7th to August 3rd, and are curated by Frankie Velez. For more information, check out the website. Let us know if you will be attending and which exhibit you liked the most.

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