Train Tattoo Video Sends Viewers On A Trip

Ryan Reeb was looking to get a tattoo inspired by his young son Ollie. The result was not only a perfect dedication, but it also spawned a video with an out of this world view of seeing a tattoo get done.

“Go Play Trains” chronicles Reeb getting his tattoo (a steam train) done at American Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles by Adrian Sanchez. The shots of the tattoo layout being placed on Reeb’s arm and the rows of ink bottles are just the simple beginning as to what viewers are about to witness.

Soon needles are rapidly plunging into a bottle of red ink as Reeb’s skin throbs at the touch of the needles. Black ink makes a permanent place on his arm as Sanchez perfects the “E” in Ollie’s name. The river of ink then travels through a CGI version of Reeb’s bloodstream and we are introduced to technically stylish versions of veins and nerves inside of his arm.

The ride through Reeb’s body is soon over and little Ollie is then seen playing with his beloved toy trains.

Reeb was actually curious about how ink makes its way through the skin during tattooing as well as keeping a memento of getting the tattoo done and that’s how the idea of “Go Play Trains” was created.

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