Two Dudes, One Kitchen

Solid Dudes Kitchen is not your ordinary cooking show. Dudes Derek and Dave came together to give you their badass version of a cooking show complete with tattoos, heavy metal and, of course, some good eats. Check out Derek’s interview with Inked and be sure to check out their second season on DVD now.


How did you come up with the idea for Solid Dudes Kitchen?

I was watching a ton of Food Network shows when the band Dave and I were in together broke up. He and I both worked in motion picture post-production and I thought it would be funny to pool our resources and make a cooking show that people who didn’t give a fuck about cooking would watch. 

Where did you learn how to cook?

I started cooking when I was still in grade school. My parents both worked full time and I started to get more and more elaborate with my after-school snacks. When I got to college I started reading more cookbooks to learn techniques and theory. When I graduated, cooking shows were the only thing I watched with any regularity. I’m pretty compulsive about learning how to replicate great eating experiences and the internet has made that much easier.

Do either of you have any food-related tattoos? I can send the SDK tattoo that you both share to accompany your answer to this if you’d like…

Just our Solid Dude bikini-line tattoos.

You’re both pretty heavily tattooed. Which one is your favorite?

I tend to like my dumber tattoos the most – the more impulsive ones that have the least amount of thought or effort. The inverted pentagram on my palm, or the Solid Dude.  

What’s some advice for anyone who wants to get into the kitchen and start a food blog/vlog?

Stop trying to teach people how to cook. There are a million people already doing that and they’re probably doing it better than you will. Give people something more than what they’ve been seeing for years.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would make pasta for every meal if my family would stop complaining. 

You guys sell Solid Dudes Kitchen merchandise, have over 300 YouTube subscribers and write for a successful blog. What’s next?

Probably more of the same. With the Germany Episode, Dave and I think the show is finally getting to a place that we’re happy with the format. We’ll just keep grinding these out until we have nothing to say. Or we stop laughing.



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