UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Has ‘Brown Pride’

Though it has been a topic of conflict in the past UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez’s ‘Brown Pride’ tattoo is not symbolic of his being a Latin gang member, it is meant to show his pride in being a Mexican fighter.  Critics have gone as far as calling the tattoo racist and have even associated the fighters chest piece with gang crime in Southern California. 

 “I got this tattoo for two reasons. One, for everything my parents did to come over to this country, all the hardships they had crossing the border. ‘Brown pride’ when we were growing up meant ‘Mexican pride.’ That’s how we would say it,” said Velasquez. “Another reason why I got is because when I was growing up I didn’t have anybody to look up to…so now that I’m in that position, I put ‘Brown Pride’ on my chest to let people know ‘Hey, I’m Mexican. I’m proud to be Mexican. I’m doing good things.”

In honor of Velasquez’s journey to the top FOX Deportes ran a three part series based on the champion appropriately titled “Cain  Velasquez: Brown Pride.”

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