Valerie Vargas Featured in Season Two of Tattoo Age


Vice kicked off season two of its addictive tattoo documentary, Tattoo Age, on September 12. The series offers in-depth interviews and stunning tattoos. Episode one features Frith Street artist Valerie Vargas.

Of her tattooing style, Vargas explains, “Personally, I like to base it on traditional. I do enjoy putting a little bit of extra detail here and there. Bold lines, lots of black shading, bright colors…The brighter, the better.”

Her bold, colorful tattoos have earned her a long waiting list, and rightly so. Follow Vargas and boyfriend Stewart Robson in their three-part episode as they talk tattoos, techniques and relationships. 

Season one is jam-packed with talented artists, including Freddy Corbin, Mike Rubendall and Grime. Check out part one below!


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