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VIDEO: Sexy Inked Zombies Run Wild in NYC

July 1 2016

The streets of Brooklyn were very dangerous this past June when a… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Shark Week Tattoos Part Two

June 30 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Megan Jean Morris Leg Portrait Tattoo

June 29 2016

Megan Jean Morris lays down a beautiful portrait inspired by the Greek… [ read more ]

Shark Week Tattoos

June 28 2016

Get out of the water and run for your life, it’s Shark… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Watch This Masterpiece Come Together in Under 2 Minutes!

June 9 2016

Thanks to the magic of a time lapse video you can watch… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Screaming Skull Drawn in Under 2 Minutes!

June 2 2016

Thanks to the magic of a timelapse video you can watch this… [ read more ]

Jason – More Than Just a Tattooed Quadriplegic

June 2 2016

Jason is a tattoo collector from New York with some amazing stories… [ read more ]

A Beautiful but Tragic Love Story in Ink

June 2 2016

In a stunning example of how meaningful tattoos can be, Erica tells… [ read more ]

B-Real and Babes Review the Latest Vapes

June 2 2016

Cypress Hill’s B-Real may be best known for taking hits from the… [ read more ]

A Touching Tattoo Reunion Between an Artist and His Son

June 2 2016

Tattoo artist Jason Ackerman was estranged from his son Tristan for 17… [ read more ]

EXCLUSIVE: Tattoo Prank Goes Too Far. What Would You Do?

April 25 2016

We all love a good prank, even when we are the victim,… [ read more ]

INKED EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bonnie Rotten Topless in NYC

March 23 2016

NSFW Video Follows the Text Super-fucking-duper-porn starlet Bonnie Rotten was in the… [ read more ]

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