Bad Ink Episodes (A&E)


Set against the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas – the mistake capital of the world – Bad Ink is a buddy comedy featuring tattoo artist Dirk Vermin and his band mate and best friend of 20 years, Rob Ruckus.

Dirk and Ruckus are Las Vegas’ unofficial aficionados of terrible tattoos and like nothing more than taking their fedoras out onto Strip, ambushing convention goers, tourists and locals alike, and laughing at the worst tattoos they can find. For a lucky few, Dirk will be able to cover up their lapses of judgement and transform their terrible blunders into body art they can be proud of.

In the city without shame, we get to see cringeworthy tattoos and hear the unbelievable stories behind these garish errors. There are unexpected family moments along the way, too, as Dirk raises two young daughters as a single dad and punk rock ‘soccer Mom.’ This is Dirk and Ruckus’ guide to the bright lights of Las Vegas as these two larger-than-life characters take us on their wild ride to rid the city of bad ink.