INKED EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bonnie Rotten Topless in NYC

NSFW Video Follows the Text

Super-fucking-duper-porn starlet Bonnie Rotten was in the Inked offices for an upcoming Sex Issue shoot. While talking with the girl who lives her life (when not traversing the globe) mainly on the West Coast we mentioned that in New York City women can walk around topless. She took the idea and ran with it—out of the office and onto the streets. Following is our tour of NYC with Bonnie where the the sightseeing was mostly on her from tourists, construction workers and a few cops who snapped pics of the gorgeous brunette. “It was interesting walking around with my tits out as some of the people really gawked, some diverted their eyes and some even pretended not to notice,” Bonnie says. “The last grouping made me feel like they didn’t want to act offended. What I love about America is that we are a free country, it is too bad that New York is one of the few places that respects women enough to let them show as much of their bodies as men are allowed to. I think we should start a movement: Tits 4 America!” This video is definitely NSFW(but safe for the New York public) no filter, no top.

Bonnie Rotten Walks Topless Through NYC from Inked Magazine on Vimeo.