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Video: Tattoos That Won’t Fade, Even After Death

March 3 2016

We always say tattoos are forever, but we never considered that “forever”… [ read more ]

Video: Nip Slip

February 22 2016

Showing off all of your tattoos can sometimes be a risky proposition…. [ read more ]

Jess Yen Performs Traditional Tebori

February 18 2016

Our favorite tattoo collector, Yallzee, had the opportunity to be tattooed by… [ read more ]

Britanie Girard: Sexy and Sinister

February 18 2016

Urban Ink’s most popular tattooed model shows off her stuff!

VIDEO: Santa Is Covered by More Than a Red Suit

January 29 2016

Let’s do a little experiment here, close your eyes. Go ahead, it’s… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Tattoo Fusion—Neo Traditional Meets New School

January 29 2016

The reason that tattoos are such an intriguing art form is that… [ read more ]

VIDEO: A Tattoo Shop Fail You Must See To Believe

January 29 2016

When you first walk in to a tattoo shop you should have… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Crazy Head Tattoo Time-Lapse

January 29 2016

The man in this video is a certified badass. Even watching him… [ read more ]

VIDEO: A Tattoo Artist’s Worst Scenario

January 29 2016

There are all sorts of types of customers that can try a… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Tattoos That Won’t Fade Even After Death

January 29 2016

Tattoos last forever—this is the one thing that everyone on Earth seems… [ read more ]

VIDEO: 19 Creative Mother/Daughter Tattoos

January 29 2016

There are very few activities that provide a stronger bonding experience than… [ read more ]

WATCH: Horngry—The Sexy New Film from The Moon Cult

January 4 2016

When it comes to determining what is sexy the people at The… [ read more ]

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