Vinnie Myers: Da Vinci of Post-Mastectomy Tattoos

Vinnie Myers is a gifted tattooist, with a portfolio of beautiful fish, feathers, dragon sleeves, and nipples. 3D nipples, to be specific.

Since 2001, Myers has tattooed over 2,000 women who have lost their nipples to mastectomies, and now works exclusively with women he calls “breast cancer warriors.”

When he started, Myers saw a void in the options for women seeking to reclaim their femininity.

“The industry standard has always been draw a circle where the nipple should be and color it in,” Vinnie said. “When I first started doing it, I said to myself: ”Why should I do a tattoo of a nipple and make it look like a pepperoni, when I can make it look like a nipple?’ “

Myers differentiates himself from other post-mastectomy tattoo artists by creating the appearance of a raised nipple, expertly playing with light, shadow, and color.

To see more of Vinnie Myers’ work or get in contact, visit his website.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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