Would you sell your skin for some quick cash?

“Skinvertising” made its mark (pun intended) from the late 90s to mid-2000s. Joe Tamargo (above) auctioned off his skin to the highest dot-com bidders and still wears their flashy, colorful logos today. A 38-year-old Rochester, NY resident, Tamargo is a walking billboard for 15 different websites – on his forearms alone. 

And Tamargo isn’t the only one who’s become a living, breathing advertisement. In 2005, Karolyne Williams, a mother from Utah, tattooed the name of an online casino on her forehead. The ink wasn’t cheap. GoldenPalace.com paid Williams $10,000, which was reportedly used to finance private schooling for her son. 

Not all of Tamargo and Williams’ business partners have had the same lasting effects as their advertisements. Many of the tattoos on Tamargo’s body are for websites that no longer exist, and online gambling laws have made the use GoldenPalace.com illegal in several states.

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