18 Heckin Good Boys Who Visited Santa Claus - Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

We know that the holiday season can be an extremely stressful time of year—whether it be because of personal finances or family drama. However, it's time for you to take a moment away from the stress and focus on some seriously adorable dogs. All of these good boys (and girls) visited Santa Claus—and let us tell you, these photos will turn your frown upside down. Because this holiday season, we've got all the corgi, Pomeranian, golden retriever and pug goodness packed in one festive post. Take a look at St. Nicholas and his favorite pups in the jolly gallery below, then let us know your favorite pet picture in the comments section on Facebook.


Lady Santa was visited by a grumpy faced Frenchie.


These two good boys left Santa an extra present under the tree.


If Santa is recruiting new elves, these good boys will be first in line.


Santa gave this small boy a frighten.


Wait until this Saint Bernard comes back when he's full grown!

Pictures With Santa 005

These three boys are definitely on the nice list this year.


All I want for Christmas is a belly rub!


Santa loves a furry companion.


Watch out, this woofer loves hard.


This good boy looks mighty serious for the camera.


Two good boys for the price of one!


This corgi looks stoked to visit old St. Nick.


You're a Grinch if this photo doesn't make you smile.


Meet the newest edition to Santa's reindeer crew. 


We hope Santa has his dry cleaner on speed dial!


Look Santa, we match!


These five boys deserve extra presents this year.


Did someone say Jingle Bells?!

What do you think about the good boys who visited Santa Claus? Would you take your doggo to meet Santa Claus? Or is your pet on the naughty list? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions on this piece in the comments section on Facebook.