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Tattoos of the common house cat may be popular, however, there's something extra special about designs featuring the kings and queens of the jungle. Lions and tigers make excellent subjects for tattoos, whether they be interpreted in color realism, black-and-grey or an artist's own unique style.


Throughout many different cultures around the world, lions have come to symbolize courage, strength, pride and royalty. For this reason, they've been incorporated into crests of royal families and used to illustrate the Gryffindor house in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series.

Tigers on the other hand, have been known to symbolize overcoming fears as well as passion and sensuality. Tigers have been a staple within the tattoo world for decades, as seen through Japanese traditional culture. 

Take a look at 75 of our favorite tiger tattoos from ten of our favorite tattoo artists from around the world in the gallery below. Then let us know your thoughts on our list of big cats in the comments section on Facebook.