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Crazy Man Flies to Chicago to Confront Ex-GF’s New Boyfriend

The craziest stories start with “Man from Florida…”
Justin Foster, Crazy Man, Crazy Ex, Man From Florida, Cuts Off Penis

28-year-old Justin Foster had been jailed for his absolutely crazy “act of (love?).” Foster had taken a plane from Atlanta to Chicago, where his ex-girlfriend lived. Instead of admitting he wasn't over her through boombox-Say-Anything style, he had rented a car and drove to Des Plaines to confront her new boyfriend. Foster brutally hit the 26-year-old in the head with a tire iron and carved his initials into his leg. To make extremely horrifying matters more horrifying, Foster then cut off his penis and threw it over a fence. Then he drove back to the airport and flew straight home.

Foster allegedly got all the way back to Tallahassee but he ended up getting arrested and sent back to Chicago.

The victim was rushed to the hospital after being found on the ground by a passerby. Officials reported that he is suffering from permanent brain damage from the head trauma. Reports did not mention any further outcome of the castration.

As this trip was clearly planned, Foster was arrested on charges of attempted murder, jail records show. The state attorney general’s office argued against giving Foster any bail.

Foster is currently out on a $1 million bond, granted by Judge Anjana Hansen in Skokie court, after denying his legal team’s suggestion of a $250,000 bond.

Justin Foster, Crazy Man, Crazy Ex, Man From Florida, Cuts Off Penis

“We’re talking about a very heinous crime here,” Assistant State’s Attorney Luis Muniz said, arguing that Foster is a danger to society as well as the ex-girlfriend. "A monetary bond is not appropriate.”

The judge eventually decided to hold Foster on the million dollar bail as he remains in Cook County.