Since 2011, Brazil has held an annual Miss Bumbum pageant to find the best booty in the nation. While round and beautiful booties have only recently come into fashion in the States, they've long been a symbol of femininity in Brazil. The Miss Bumbum pageant features 27 contestants per year, with each girl's bum measuring at least 40cm. All booties must be 100% natural, with the contestants forced to undergo x-ray examination before the competition. This year, one contestant caused chaos on the main stage after the winner was announced and the committee for Miss Bumbum was not happy about her public performance. Take a look at the drama surrounding Miss Bumbum 2018 in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on Facebook.

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Meet Aline Uva, a contestant of the 2018 Miss Bumbum pageant representing Rio Grande. Despite not winning or placing as a finalist in the competition, this contestant has gained international attention for her behavior on stage last month.


This year, the title of Miss Bumbum was awarded to Ellen Santana, however, Uva stormed the stage and proceeded to rip the sash away from the competition's winner. In a video posted online, Uva accused Santana of having a fake backside and argued that her booty was in fact the largest.


Uva refused to return the sash back to Santana and the Miss Bumbum team followed suit by fining her ~$31,000 for damaging the image of the pageant and breaking her contract. Miss Bumbum stated that Uva "put in doubt the credibility of the contest" and if she does not comply with the demands put forward, they will follow up with a lawsuit.


The pageant's founder, Cacau Oliver, commented on Uva's behavior at the pageant, stating “What happened was absolutely unacceptable and I will take this action all the way. There were irreparable damages to the contest.”


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