Throughout the world, around this time of year, millions of children act out the nativity scene during church pageants or at school. And in many cases, parents are expected to provide costumes or props for their youngsters. While 99% of the time, things run smoothly and the shows go off without a hitch, there's always that one kid who causes a stir within the pageant. This was the case for a 5-year-old from Clackmannanshire, Scotland—whose mother had purchased his shepherd's costume on Amazon. However, it was later discovered that it came with a very adult prop.


The boy's shepherd costume was ordered online for a little over twenty U.S. dollars and it was described online as "Labreeze kids boys brown shepherd costume inflatable sheep nativity fancy dress outfit."


The mother was delighted to learn that the costume came with a sheep prop, however, it was later returned home by a teacher much to her surprise. However, upon inflating the sheep, she soon learned that the toy was actually a sex toy.


"It took forever to blow up - I was stood there blowing and blowing until the air reached its legs. I hurriedly popped the stopper back in so it wouldn't deflate and suddenly spotted the huge hole in the bum. I couldn't believe what I was seeing." shared the mother with Daily Mail UK.


The mother was horrified by her discovery and told her son that the 'Elf on the Shelf' stole the sheep. What do you think about this shocking story? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.