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While weight loss can make a huge impact on a person's physique, in some cases, it's not always enough. Many people who have lost a considerable amount of weight are left with excess skin, that can not only affect their self-confidence but can also be a physical burden to carry. However, for one woman, she's shared her transformation through excess skin removal surgery and let us tell you, the results are incredible. Take a look at the gallery to see before and after pictures, then let us know your thoughts on her story in the comments section on Facebook. 


Annie McManis is a 25-year-old woman from Christchurch, New Zealand. Growing up, she struggled with bullying and anxiety that caused her to put on weight during her teenage years. However, in 2016 that all changed for McManis.


In 2016, McManis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which helped her to change her habits and turn things around. McManis lost a staggering 113 lbs, going from 282lbs to 169lbs. McManis also went down ten dress sizes, once wearing a size 22 and after weight loss, fitting into a size 12.  


However, despite losing the weight and maintaining a healthy balance of diet and exercise—McManis's transformation was not complete. After losing over one hundred pounds, McManis was left with a considerable amount of excess skin that caused rashes, sweating and general discomfort. Additionally, in order to hide the excess skin, she would tuck it into clothing and avoid certain garments that accentuated her figure. 


Then, in May of 2018, McManis went under the knife and had over 4 lbs of excess skin removed. The surgery not only eased McManis of the physical discomfort that the excess skin caused, but it helped her feel confident and excited about going clothes shopping.


What do you think about her physical and mental transformation? If you've lost weight in your life, what inspired the decision to get started? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.