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Do You Have the Force? 15 Items Every Star Wars Fan Must Have

The Force is Strong With These Cool Items

Star Wars fans pride themselves in knowing all there is to know about the epic intergalactic saga and owning all there is to own relating to the film. And, while you may posses many hot Star Wars items, do you believe your collection is truly as strong as you think it to be? Don't fret young Jedi—we've got just the items you'll need to certify that you're the most kickass, die-hard Star Wars fan of 'em all.

 R2D2 Vespa Scooter. Photo: Morgan Senzamici.

R2D2 Vespa Scooter. Photo: Morgan Senzamici.

The Daft Punk Empire Strikes Back

Video: YouTube.

Let's not forget the mashup duo, Darth Punk, who took the awesomeness of Star Wars and Daft Punk and blended them together to create these awesome helmets. The sick helmets light up with rows of bright LEDs, inspired by the programmable light-up helmets worn by the French music group.