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Illustrator HuskMitNavn Brings Drawings to Life

25 Cool 3-D Drawings by HuskMitNavn

Danish illustrator, HuskMitNavn, has a unique skill for bringing his drawings to life. Cutting, snipping as well as placing his own hand and other objects here and there give his sketches a 3-D effect that makes it seem like the caricatures are really holding on for dear life or covering themselves from the rain with the very piece of paper on which they're drawn.

Peep the gallery to see HuskMitNavn's art come alive.


1. The Onion Chopper

2. The Painter

3. Laundry Day

4. Embarrassing Paper Trail

5. Paper Yo-Yo

6. Fresh Flat-Top with the Line Designs

7. Paper Zombie

8. Cool, New Shirt, Bruh

9. Swim For Dear Life

10. Indecent Exposure

11. Early Bird Special

12. The Big Jump

13. The Noodle Life

14. The Ear Gauge


16. Frog Catching Flies

17. Firestarter

18. This is Bananas!

19. Extinction

20. Don't Cry, Big Guy. It's Only a Tattoo, Bro.

21. Some Tetris Fun!

22. A Night at the Drive-In

23. Mr. Dan Druff

24. I Can't Stand the Rain!

25. Ok, We're Done!