Newest Trend: Face Tattoos à la SoundCloud Rappers


And What Other Tattoo Artists Think About This

Rapper Austin Richard Post, mostly known by his artist name “Post Malone” shocked the world not too long ago with his new face tattoos right under his eyes saying “Always Tired.”

Where most people can relate to that statement, most people would also not declare it to the world with a tattoo.

But Post Malone is not the only one with face tattoos. Fellow SoundCloud rappers such as Lil Peep and Lil Skies decorated their naked faces with interesting tattoos before Post Malone set the record.

And as we all know, respectable tattoo artists wouldn’t tattoo just anybody on areas like face, neck or hands, if that person doesn’t even have sleeves or a job (yes it’s tough out there if you’re heavily tattooed and unemployed). But I guess being a rapper is somewhat a career, even if the fame came through SoundCloud. Tattoo artist Chad Rowe who tattooed Malone received some harsh criticism from fellow fans and other tattoo artists who are not a fan of the SoundCloud rapper image, that includes face tattoos and colored hair.