Within almost 15 years in business, Goliath has established itself as a highly acclaimed publisher of diverse, and often daring photography and art books, unafraid to introduce controversial, erotic, and subcultural perspectives to modern life.

Goliath proudly introduces the collectors item, Young Nylon Beauties.

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There are no fixed rules for good nude photos, either they are hot or they’re not. The models featured in Young Nylon Beauties are very hot and they wear almost nothing but sexy legwear. Photographer Mark Novak is notorious for calling a spade a spade, without any false modesty. He shoots gorgeous, leggy models in the usual way, from the front, from behind, from above, below and in between.

No detail is left out, nothing escapes his camera. This very amateurism intensifies the natural charm of his photographs.

For those who think it looks to be too much should stick to Bob Ross painting videos. However, for the more daring, grab this irresistible invitation to take a sinful look right between heavenly long legs.

It takes only one look at these hot girls to make their nylon stockings a secondary issue. A must-have for every fan of naughty photo fantasies with young and sexy girls!

Put the X in Xmas with this year's top collector's item pick!

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