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Photos by Evan Kaucher

What was the inspiration behind the name Tyla Yaweh? 

I was looking for a name that really represented me. I looked up the Yaweh and it stands for the first breath of air that created life. I feel like my music is a fresh breath of air.


What was the catalyst that made you pick up and head to Los Angeles? 

I grew up in Florida and life was crazy. I was selling drugs, getting into trouble and just needed a change. I chose to take my music seriously and thought, what better place to pursue your dreams?


What was life like the first year in California?

It was fun in the beginning. I experienced so much stuff. The vibes, the people, being able to walk into a store to buy weed… it was new and hip to me.


What do you see is the biggest difference between the music scene in the South and in Los Angeles?

They’re pretty similar. Florida has had a crazy wave of artists breaking through. In LA, the vibes are amazing and everyone is out here hustling.


Why did you choose Los Angeles and not New York or Atlanta? 

LA feels like the birthplace of the American dream for me, in terms of music. Everyone moves to LA.


What strikes you the most about playing gigs with people like Post Malone? 

Watching the preparation and execution from someone at the top of his game.


What was your first tattoo? 

My initials and I didn’t even finish it. It’s still not finished. I got a T on one shoulder and half a B on the other one. I was so young and my shoulder was shaking. I was like, “F*ck it…”


Would you ever get your face heavily tattooed? 

I don’t know, I got a few on my face now and when I was super drunk one night, I ended up with Yaweh on my head and I was like, “Yeah, I’m done.”


What’s your favorite tattoo and why? 

I got a hangman that spells out Yaweh. My tattoo guy, Parley, pulled up to the house and just tatted me all day.


Do you regret any of your tattoos? 

Nope, I love them all, even the ones not finished.


What’s your next tattoo? 

I gotta finish this Jim Morrison tattoo I’m getting, and I might also finally finish those initials.


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