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With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Jazmina Daniel has the most famous pout on social media by a long shot. Born in Australia and discovered in Los Angeles, Daniel has quickly become a household name in the world of Instagram makeup. However, there’s far more to this influencer than meets the eye. At the age of 14, Daniel was diagnosed with a brain tumor and put her life as a normal teenager on pause. But instead of letting her condition get the best of her, she took the time at home to develop her work as an artist and soon develop a fierce love for beauty. Today, her work has been seen by millions online and she’s lent her lips to major cosmetics companies such as Jeffree Star, Gerard, Ofra and Coloured Raine Cosmetics. We had the opportunity to sit down with the makeup maven to learn where her love for art began, which lip art put her on the map and what fans can expect in the New Year.

Beetle Juice

When did you first develop an interest in art and makeup? I always loved art—drawing and painting was something I did everyday. And then I developed a love for makeup in my early teens.

Beyonce Lip Art

What inspired you to start creating lip art? I first started doing lip art after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14 (which was removed at 16). I had to leave school and spent every day at home. I focused on art to help me through it all. Slowly I started experimenting with makeup in a more artistic way by painting scenes on my face. That turned into trying to paint on a smaller canvas—my lips.

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What piece do you consider to be your big break and put you on the map as a makeup artist? I definitely feel like it was The Little Mermaid lip art piece, with a few others that followed. I had also posted a Titanic-inspired lip art around the same time, which became controversial as people were sensitive toward the tragedy. Those first few intricate pieces definitely were my big break.


What is your process for creating a piece and how long do they typically take? I usually try to plan out lip art, but as an artist, whenever the inspiration hits whether I'm working on something else or I’m watching TV, I straight away run with the inspo and start working on my lip art. I try and eat beforehand, as some of my more detailed lip arts can take up to 8 hours. Sometimes, I might have to start over a few times as I’m using makeup, especially with liquid to matte lipsticks that can crack and flake with multiple layers. Like any artist, I like to try and get it perfect.


Out of the pieces you’ve created so far, which piece is your favorite and which was the most challenging to create? I really love the famous fine art-inspired lip arts that I’ve done. They have definitely been the most difficult because I really wanted to try and capture the artist’s vision and feel of their pieces, but also have my own vibe to it.

God is a woman

In addition to being known as a makeup artist, you’re also recognized as a plus-size model. What made you decide to make body positivity a priority on your social media?

I felt I was constantly hiding myself on social media because I’d see other influencers and makeup artists post photos looking completely flawless. I honestly felt like I didn't fit in and it got to a point where I really hated feeling that way because I’ve never been one to care about "fitting" in. I did, however, want to see more women who were my size and thought, if I felt that way, I'm sure many of my followers felt the same way. So I wanted to help represent that all bodies are beautiful bodies.


When did you get your first tattoo and do you have any tattoos related to beauty? I got my first tattoo when I was 16 in Canada with my mum. The minute that needle hit I just remember thinking it was the most relaxing feeling. I have three beauty-related tattoos: I have lipsticks on my right foot, a woman’s half face on my left foot applying mascara, and a skeleton on my right forearm applying lipstick, but its reflection is a beautiful woman.


What is your favorite tattoo and what are your tattoo plans for the future? My favorite is an Audrey Hepburn portrait I got a few months ago. I watched all her movies on repeat when I was unwell with the brain tumor. I seriously love her. I really would like to finish both my sleeves and would love a leg sleeve and a back piece. I really like to think about all of my tattoos and have a meaning behind each one of them.

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What’s up next for Jazmina Daniel? I have some exciting projects coming up, especially in the New Year. I wish I could reveal more on those, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

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