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He’s 19-years-old, worth $3 Billion…and He’s a Tattooed Model!

The Envy of Every Guy...and Girl!

Okay, this guy has got to be the envy of every other guy on the planet! His name is Gustav Magnar Witzøe (Okay, maybe that’s the only thing that we have better than him.) Gustav massive wealth is a direct result of being the son of a man who owns SalMar ASA. Founded in 1991 the company is now one of Norway’s largest fish farms, with reporting a record 130,000 tons of salmon in 2016.

His stake in the Norway-based company was gifted to him in 2013 by his father, however Gustav is interested in other business pursuits. He has invested in a the Norway based startups Gobi, a Snapchat competitor, and Key Butler, which aims to help Airbnb hosts with key delivery and maintenance for rentals.

This millennial hs reveled in the spotlight…and why shouldn’t he? Gustav Magnar is a model signed to Norway’s Team Models and can brag about having over 64,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s on this Instagram account that you will get to see what, well, what you are missing by not being a 19-year-old billionaire!

Witzøe was quoted in a recent newspaper interview, where he said, he was just “regular boy”.