When it comes to face tattoo, it seems like every musician in Hollywood has to have one these days. From Post Malone to Lil Pump—facial ink is everywhere in the music scene and the trend is only getting more popular. However, did you know that even Justin Bieber has a face tattoo? Take a look at the gallery below to catch a peek at his brand new ink and let us know what you think about his fresh tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.

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In the past several years, former teen pop star turned music icon, Justin Bieber, has become one of the most tattooed celebrities in Hollywood.

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Audiences never would have guessed that the floppy haired teen who became famous through his song "Baby" would grow up to become heavily tattooed, however, today ink plays a major role in Justin's brand. During the start of his tattoo collecting days, Justin went to LA's famous Romeo Lacoste. However, in recent years he's gotten most of his work done by NYC's Bang Bang.

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And while most of Justin's ink is loud and proud, he's gained public attention for flying under the radar with a face tattoo. However, if you didn't notice a new tattoo on Justin's mug, don't be too hard on yourself. Because it takes a very careful eye to notice the delicate tattoo on the Biebs.


After being shot by the paparazzi last week, fans noticed that Justin had a brand new afce tattoo. As you can see above, the tattoo is a tiny, fine-line script piece. And after closer investigation, fans were able to determine that the piece was for Justin's new spouse—model Hailey Baldwin.

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What do you think about Justin's brand new face tattoo? Would you even have noticed it if we hadn't pointed it out? Should musicians stop tattooing their faces? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.