Over the years, more celebrities than we can count have gotten tattoos for a significant other and later covered them up. Most stars, from Angelina Jolie to Zayn Malik, have opted for the conventional methods of tattoo removal—laser tattoo removal or a coverup. However, one celebrity opted for a controversial method that we very rarely see used by regretful collectors. Take a look at the strange tattoo removal process and let us know what you think of this uncommon tattoo procedure in the comments section on Facebook.

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Mel B is an English television personality and singer from Yorkshire. She rose to international fame during 1990, as one of the members of The Spice Girls. As Scary Spice, B performed with the girl group for nearly ten years before putting her focus into other entertainment projects. Recently, B announced that she and her other bandmates will be reuniting for a six-date UK tour in 2019.


In her personal life, B has had two major public relationships and in March of 2017, she filed for divorce from film producer Stephen Belafonte. B and Belafonte were married from 2007 to 2017, with their relationship ending on extremely rocky terms according to B. B claimed that she'd undergone emotional and physical abuse during their marriage and their divorce was finalized in December of 2017. And while B went into 2018 an officially single woman, she still had a very permanent reminder of their former union—a tattoo of his name.


B had her tattoo removed in 2018, however, her method was anything but conventional. Instead of opting for laser tattoo removal or a coverup, B decided to have part of the tattoo cut out with a scalpel.

“I just thought I can’t go through the pain of getting it lasered so I convinced a doctor to cut it off my body,” she shared.


While we're sure that this isn't the first time that someone has had their tattoo intentionally removed through surgery, she's definitely one of the most high profile cases of this procedure. 

“A lot of my surgery was to do with getting out of my abusive relationship,” she told Metro UK. “It was almost like a cleanse. I just wanted to feel fresh and new again and untouched by that person.”


And while B decided to rid her skin of her ex's name, she recently revealed that she's kept the piece of skin. On a UK talk show called Loose Women, B told the hosts that she kept the piece of skin with her ex's name and has it stored in a jar above her wardrobe. 

“I’ve saved it in a jar, which sounds a bit strange, I know,” B shared with Loose Women. “It’s at the top of my wardrobe. Nobody can see it, but I know it’s there and it’s off my body.”


Unfortunately, B didn't bring her tattoo to the television set and it's unlikely that she will show off the jar to the media. However, we can all imagine in our minds what a tattoo in a jar might look like. What do you think of Mel B's shocking reveal? What do you think about her unconventional style of tattoo removal? Would you have a tattoo cut out by a scalpel? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.