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The 10 Most Commonly Removed Tattoos

We always feel a little pang of sadness when we hear about a tattoo being removed. While fully understanding that there are a lot of tattoos that probably need to be "taken care of," cover ups are always preferable to getting the full laser treatment done, but sometimes a person is left with no other options. Premier Laser, a clinic in the United Kingdom that specializes in tattoo removal, has kept a log of all of the tattoos that they have removed over the last five years.

What should come as no surprise is that there were many similarities between the tattoos they removed. Not only were many of them poorly executed but quite often the same designs kept showing up. In many cases it's a numbers game—if there are a lot of a certain design out in the world it turns out that a lot of them are also going to be removed. Other cases involved trends that have come and gone. Premier Laser has shared the top ten most removed tattoos and the results are interesting even if they aren't overly surprising. Flip through the gallery below and find out the 10 most commonly removed tattoos.